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Now you dont need to go anywhere else to chat...
Just click in any username in the space give below and log in to the exclusiev GSite 97 Room .Incase you want to mingle with other people use one of the rooms at the bottom right of the page,which gives you the option of going to rooms from all over the world.
WARNING:Contents of some of the rooms may not be to your liking.So make cartain that you are sure about the room you are entering.
Have  a good time chatting..

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ParaChat Powered

Click on one of the rooms mentioned to the right to enter..These are not exclusive rooms .This means you can go to other rooms which may not be linked to the site.So incase you log in and there is no one in your room just click on the rooms option to get the list of all the active rooms and just barge in.You never know what you may find........

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