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welcome to the page for the batch of 1995.
(will be catalogued once more people register)

Siddharth D. Kharkar
CURRENTLY: studying in Johns Hopkins university in
the ScM (masters with thesis) program in the molecular microbiology and
Immunology department.
My special interests are vaccine development, esp. malaria. Currently I am working in a lab which investigates iron metabolism in the malarial parasite and how this is affected by anti-malarial drugs.
FUTURE: Who knows? Anyone who tries to predict the future
always falls flat on his/her face. If predictions are anything to go by, we
should have had colonies up on the moon by now!
STATUS: single                            
Hmm... what else? I miss India a lot, I miss my
friends a lot, and I miss GS college a lot. Take it from me: KEM/GS is one of
the best institutions you can be in.

Chetan Jiwan Wasekar

Date of Birth: 8th Apr. 1978

Address: 1612 Anthony Street Apt A Columbia Missouri: 65201 USA 573-442-4947


MBBS 1995 - 2000

Presently Doing: MS in Health Informatics Place : University of Missouri-Columbia Plans : Career in Corporate Informatics - Hospital Information Systems [Following up MD after MS]


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