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For some America is a Dream for others its their life.This page is dedicated to those who saw a dream of making it across the oceans and grabbed it with both hands,
Listed below are the people in the US who have registered with the site.We are hunting for others,
Juniors can contact them in case they want to seek guidance or help about matters related to moving to the US
Soon we will feature articles about GRE ,MLE and VISA .
So keep a track...

Siddharth D. Kharkar (Email = )

CURRENTLY: studying in Johns Hopkins university in
the ScM (masters with thesis) program in the molecular microbiology and
Immunology department. My special interests are vaccine development, esp. malaria. Currently I am working in a lab which investigates iron metabolism in the malarial parasite and how this is affected by anti-malarial drugs.

FUTURE: Who knows? Anyone who tries to predict the future
always falls flat on his/her face. If predictions are anything to go by, we
should have had colonies up on the moon by now!
STATUS: single Hmm... what else? I miss India a lot, I miss my
friends a lot, and I miss GS college a lot. Take it from me: KEM/GS is one ofthe best institutions you can be in.


Chetan Jiwan Wasekar

Date of Birth: 8th Apr. 1978

Address: 1612 Anthony Street Apt A Columbia Missouri: 65201 USA 573-442-4947


MBBS 1995 - 2000

Presently Doing: MS in Health Informatics Place : University of Missouri-Columbia Plans : Career in Corporate Informatics - Hospital Information Systems [Following up MD after MS]

Nilay Kumar
Presently:bloomington,Indiana university ,USA
Date of Birth :17/08/1978
Address: 2610,Apt# E Eastgate Lane, Bloomington
Personal info:
I am doing my Masters in public health at Indiana university Bloomington
well lets see but i would definitely like to be involved in clinical rsearch
later on specifically in the field of cardiac sciences i feel thats it. as of
marriage i think i am better off single and will remain so for the coming 3-4
years unless i really get someone compatible which is not likely.
Gaurav Gupta 
Presently at Richmond,USA,doing bioinformatics
Shalabh Chandra:
Presently at the School of public health, university of texas, health science center in houston texas.Usa
Add : 7-1h, ut housing complex, 7900 cambridge, houston tx,77054
Ph no 713.797.1688.

Register to be listed in the club.
Its a great help to juns who go abroad ,they may get help from you..

Here are some useful sites providing information about various US Examinations:

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